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Fast Company: This Startup uses an Ancient Microbe to Turn CO2 into Ingredients for Food

• Technology • Feature

Inside bioreactors in a Vienna-based lab, the startup Arkeon Biotechnologies is reimagining farming: Using a single-step process of fermentation, it’s turning captured CO2 into ingredients for food. Unlike other fermentation processes—such as brewing beer—it doesn’t start with sugars from plants. Instead, the company uses a microorganism with the unique ability to directly transform CO2 into the building blocks for carbon-negative protein.

“The unique feature of the microorganism we’re using is that it’s producing all of the amino acids that we need in human nutrition,” says Gregor Tegl, the CEO of Arkeon, which just raised a seed round of $7 million from investors, including Synthesis Capital and ReGen Ventures. “And it’s also spitting them out of the cell just naturally, which is an insane thing to do.”

Arkeon founders web
Arkeon Founders: Dr Guenter Bockman, Dr Gregor Tegl, and Dr Simon Rittman

by Rosie Wardle, Co-Founder and Partner