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Nordic Food Tech

Smarter’s technology has enabled a traditional industry to grow and help create a more connected future.

Located in Plainfield, Illinois, Diageo Lincolnway will help accelerate the development of the company’s RTD portfolio and growth strategy in the convenience category. “We’re incredibly proud of the speed and innovative approach from our team and partners in their efforts to build this site in record time. Diageo Lincolnway will be instrumental in accelerating our offerings in the convenience space and help meet consumer demand,” said Michael L. Nelson Jr., Manufacturing & Distillation, Senior Vice President, Diageo North America. Diageo Lincolnway is producing some of Diageo’s latest portfolio brands and innovations, including Smirnoff seltzers and spirits-based RTD cocktails from Crown Royal and Ketel One Botanical Vodka Spritz.

German Apprenticeship Programme As A Model For East African Service Engineers

Rahman et al. highlight that eating is difficult to be accurately and unobtrusively recognized and analyzed. Worn sensors, for example, are deemed as uncomfortable and, in their opinion, they should be avoided. Interestingly, similarly to Stein and McKenna , Rahman et al. also see as the primary application of their work the possibility to better monitor and cure chronic diseases like obesity and diabetes. Other approaches to overcoming the intrusiveness of wearable sensors for eating recognition have been proposed.

About New Nordic

For example, in the 1990s, the Swedish government invested heavily in broadband and personal computers whilst Sweden’s generous welfare state reduces financial risk for founders and early employees. There’s even a tax deduction for people who privately invest in startups. The programme aims to generate vibrant, competitive and sustainable communities across Europe’s most remote regions, through innovation, entrepreneurship and growth initiatives. Some research has already been carried out by partners on how new solutions could be used by businesses to add value to their products while ensuring sustainable production.

According to estimates by the United Nations, the dairy industry is responsible for around 3% of total global CO2 emissions. This does not make it one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions; however, solutions do need to be found for the harmful methane emissions produced by cows in particular. Further progress nordic food tech with respect to climate protection is also in the fundamental interests of local agriculture and the milk processors. With capacity to produce over 25 million cases of malt-based beverages and spirits-based Ready-to-Drink cocktails, Diageo has opened a new manufacturing site, featuring two high-speed can lines.

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Previous posts on reshaping government have prompted much reaction, particularly about the way that government currently buys services. Google started integrated promoted tweets into search results in November, amid revelations that the company had made two unsuccessful attempts... If you’re planning to sell your business, for whatever reason, it is absolutely crucial to ensure that you start planning... Lush, the well-known cosmetics brand, has announced its departure from social media platforms Instagram and Facebook as they insist Meta... With the ever-evolving and highly sophisticated cyber threat landscape, online security for SMBs is no longer an option, it’s a...

People Spearheading Change In The Food Tech Industry

As we are conducting routine site maintenance, you may experience minor intermittent service disruptions. Building on the legacy of more than a century of innovation, we are now fully engaged in sustainable mobility. Renault Trucks and its distributors represent 20,000 people serving transport professionals around the world. Together, we are moving forward with simplicity, pragmatism, warmth and commitment. The firm said here will be a focus on the use of the retail led creative experiences which combine digital and analogue to drive footfall, convert sales and grow additional point of sale purchases. This is enabled by through the line expertise in technology, software, hardware and design, delivering a best in class platform for brands seeking to enhance engagement with their customers.

  • The Global Corporate Venturing Leadership Society’s mission is to help bridge the different strengths and ambitions of investors across industry sectors, geography, structure, and their returns.
  • They believe that everything with food should be an enjoyable experience from planning and shopping to cooking.
  • Scientists have found that eating a diet based on that served up traditionally in Denmark could significantly reduce your risk of heart disease.
  • Real Deals looks at four examples of organic growth success in the DACH region.
  • Impetus was co-founded by BioGenerator, Yield Lab and seed supplier KWS’s corporate venturing arm.
  • Fish, seabirds, and marine mammals were important elements of the local diet .
  • For example, consider using a VR headset to visually augment food experiences.

From delicious berries, to the extraordinary herbs that Mother Nature has to offer, New Nordic develops an endless list of remedies for everyday health and beauty needs. We specialise in food supplements and beauty products based on extensive scientific proof, resulting in pure and clean products which work in harmony with your body. This healthy and innovative approach is what natural magic is all about.

This first investment will help 2,700 cocoa farmers to secure market access and revenue, and is the first of a series of investments reaching a targeted 10,000 cocoa farmers. Cocoa production is a major economic growth driver for West Africa, and Côte d’Ivoire – the world's leading producer of cocoa beans – is particularly dependent on the crop. RINU’s founding members will share ideas on topics such as engaging with their asset managers, educating students and staff and social/impact investment. The network will offer “access to research and advocacy opportunities relevant to universities’ core portfolios” and support in exploring the social investment market.

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Salmon, mackerel and herring are full of Omega-3 fatty acids which protect against heart disease, boost brain development and can help with weight loss as part of a balanced diet. “We needed all of this information in one place and to have it accessible for relevant staff at any time,” says Ulwahn. PLM started o in the manufacturing industry, to keep track of every nut and bolt in aircraft production. TUI Nordic was evaluating the system for a small project concerning hotels.

What technology is used in food industry?

Food innovations are using robots, GPS technology, and smartphone apps to improve food production processes. New technologies in various food industries improve and enhance customer experience.

One of the region's most famous offerings in this category is Lutefisk - aged, dried white fish soaked in lye . He believes that Scandinavian food could have a more temporary shelf-life. Part-Norwegian Signe Johansen, a food anthropologist based in London, secured a publishing deal for the recipes she posted on her Scandilicious blog, with reviewers dubbing her the Nordic Nigella. Noma was awarded the prestigious annual prize by Restaurant Magazine, which draws on the opinions of more than 800 international industry experts.

They also provide edible blubber (Joensen, 1987; Bloch et al., 2003; Bloch and Mikkelsen, 2009). Stepping into the Helsinki Expo and Convention Center the morning of November 21st felt like stepping into an alternate universe of tech startups and Venture Capital firms ready to intermingle at an indoor music festival. The venue had been transformed by neon pink and blue lights, trendy food stalls, and even an indoor garden with two waterfalls — an Instagram-friendly way to welcome people from all around the world to the biggest student-led Venture Capital event today. We have already seen long established international businesses such as JP Morgan, Citigroup and Lloyds of London publically say that they will be relocating a number of jobs from the UK to the EU in the coming years. We do review our bigger picture plans every year and to be honest, these change according to trends.

And has become one of the most active investors, with seven companies from its focus sectors in its current portfolio. Bronte worked closely with Richard Reed, Adam Balon and Jon Wright from Innocent drinks for five years from when innocent was in its startup phase. We do have big plans to expand the wholesale operation more and focus on our own products. Oh, and our first book is out in October maybe this will open some other doors, too. We sat down with themto gain a better insight into how the company survived the downturn and where it will be in five years time.

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Scientists have found that eating a Nordic diet - rich in poulty, fish and particular fruits- can help stave off brain decline in old age. On 3rd November we will host an awards drinks event at City Hall where we will announce the winner. Guests of the event will include press, media and senior decision makers at Food Tech startups, brands and investors and the GLA. Food Tech startups are tackling key city issues such as Food Waste, Reducing Carbon Footprint, Smart Food Cities, Urbanization and Food Security, all of which fundamentally impact Climate Change.

Is there a demand for food technologists?

The demand for food and coterminously for food technologists has ballooned, making it one of the most attractive careers of the 21st century. Food technology is the study of manufacture, storage, preservation, canning, and packaging of food products.

At a time when industrially produced food is eliminating sensations of taste and smell, fermented products with a distinctive accent has started attracting food-lovers from all over the world . As mentioned earlier, wild plants play a minor role in the traditional local cuisine. However, with regard to these products, an increasing interest may be observed during the last years, especially within the restaurant sector (Svanberg and Ægisson, 2012; Joensen, 2015). The most important rites of passage are christening , a naming ceremony, that takes place in church when the child is only a few weeks old; confirmation in the Lutheran church when the child is in the early teens; as well as wedding and at funerals. Large feasts involving numerous relatives, friends and neighbors usually follow these church based ceremonies.

It is believed that the high prevalence of Parkinson's disease in the Faroes stems from consumption of whale meat and blubber (Wermuth et al., 2008). However, fresh fish is rarely found in the grocery stores and supermarkets. Similarly, seafowl and whale meat is not commonly available in the store . In this context, it should be noted that several Faroese food crafts people and food creators have been rewarded with various food awards (i.e., the Nordic Food Awards Embla in various categories such as producers, food artisans etc.). An interesting new sort of food experience for tourists is heimablídni (“home hospitality”) where visitors can enjoy dining experiences in people's homes. Here the tourists are treated with locally produced homemade food while being entertained by their hosts with storytelling (Kortesoja et al., 2018).

What is the next food trend 2022?

Look for a fusion of traditional and island ingredients to create a food trend in 2022. A rise in popular picks such as pineapple and passionfruit, as well as more adventurous options like coconut curry and Caribbean spices, will help turn simple dishes into unique experiences.

A professional nutritional coach and former Fitness First Ambassador, he studied at one of the world’s most respected nutrition education programs and qualified as a Precision Nutrition nutritional coach. Having worked in the health and wellness industry for over a decade, he is able to draw upon real client data and experience. Fights food waste on farms by sourcing slightly imperfect but just as delicious produce for a fair price from local growers and delivering them in a weekly subscription box to homes and offices. They also donate up to 10% of their produce to charities that fight food poverty, and use data collection to inform users of the positive impact of their choices. With more and more of us relying on our phones to order an Uber, use public transport or order food, running out of battery can be seriously problematic.

ESVAGT is also the pioneer and market leader in the provision of SOVs to offshore wind farms, with seven bespoke vessels in operation and a further two under construction. SOVs are purpose-built, high performance vessels, providing efficient transport of maintenance technicians to wind turbines and other offshore equipment, under long term contracts. The offshore wind market, and hence demand for SOVs, is expected to grow strongly over the coming years, creating significant opportunities for the company. Dynatect’s Nordic Food Tech products are made from a variety of materials ranging from nylons to metals and are designed to protect and elongate the life of valuable equipment and protect workers near machinery. Products are low-cost yet critical, such as cable carriers or telescopic protective covers, and are sold into a large number of end-markets including automation, machine tools, construction, agriculture, transportation, medical and O&G. Over 1,000 people are employed on the site, but only c.70 of those are employed by BCA.

And, for Crussh’s brand director Helen Harrison it was ‘sustainably packaged food, more functional foods like gut-friendly and protein-based products, and CBD’. In Switzerland, dairy cows are part of a sustainable agricultural sector that is adapted to local conditions. As part of a biological cycle, they convert grass that cannot be consumed by humans into nutritious milk for direct human consumption. At the same time, the question arises as to how the dairy industry can further reduce its impact on the climate and ruminants can also be part of a sustainable and land-appropriate agricultural sector in the long term.


For them, products such as tallow and whale blubber are also cherished side dishes of importance for them since the flavors correspond to what they have grown accustomed to since childhood. With the exception of potatoes, onions and carrots, vegetables play an insignificant role in their daily diet (Dalgård et al., 2010; Svanberg, 2015). /PRNewswire/ -- Nordic Capital, a leading European private equity investor, has signed an agreement to become the majority owner of the German-based Industrial Internet of Things ("IoT") company ProGlove. In close partnership with ProGlove's management and founders, Nordic Capital will enable the company to accelerate its future growth plans, further expand its customer base and invest in product development.