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Dr Catherine Tubb appointed Director of Research at Synthesis Capital

• Synthesis Team • Press Release

21st September 2022, London - Synthesis Capital (“Synthesis”), a leading global food technology and alternative protein investor, today announces the appointment of Dr Catherine Tubb as Director of Research. Dr Tubb joins Synthesis Capital from Planet Tracker and will drive research focused on understanding the impact of disruptive technologies on the food sector, and the systemic implications of these disruptions, including implications for the relevant agricultural markets.

Dr Tubb brings a wealth of experience, including a 10-year tenure in equity research at Sanford Bernstein where she combined both company-focused analysis and deep and varied sector-based research across many aspects of the agricultural input and output markets.

In 2019 while at RethinkX, Dr Tubb co-authored the key report “Rethinking Food and Agriculture 2020-2030: The Second Domestication of Plants and Animals, the Disruption of the Cow, and the Collapse of Industrial Livestock Farming”, known for coining the term “precision fermentation” for the production of bioidentical animal proteins through a fermentation process. This pioneering report predicted that, due to rapid improvements in underlying biological and information technologies, the cost of precision fermentation would be cheaper than animal-based proteins by 2030, triggering an economic disruption of the traditional livestock industry.

Catherine holds a MSci and MA in Natural Sciences and a Ph.D in Organic and Computational Chemistry both from Cambridge University.

Rosie Wardle, Co-founder and Partner at Synthesis Capital, said: “We welcome Catherine warmly into our team. As Director of Research, Catherine will offer a unique perspective into how and where technology can drive the transformation that our broken global food system needs. Further supporting our deep understanding of the industry and its disruptive potential, Catherine’s crucial role will help Synthesis to identify new investment opportunities with the highest potential to build the future of food, and to support our investor partners in their understanding of this new and growing sector.”

Dr Catherine Tubb, Director of Research at Synthesis Capital, said: “As the global food ecosystem evolves, thematic research will pay a crucial role in helping us to understand future scenarios and the implications of disruption. Technology is of course central to the future of food, and I am delighted to join the Synthesis Capital team, whose expertise and focus on accelerating and scaling real innovation will help enable that change.”

Earlier this year, Synthesis Capital announced the launch of the largest global food technology venture capital fund, raising over $300m to support the next wave of disruptive and innovative food tech businesses and alternative protein technology platforms.

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About Synthesis Capital:

Synthesis Capital is a global food technology and alternative protein investor with operations in UK, US, and Guernsey. The firm’s founding team has been investing in the sector’s leading companies since its emergence in 2014, developing deep expertise across the core technologies that will comprise our future food system.

With proprietary access to both the leading established players in the sector, and the next wave of high potential companies transforming the food system, Synthesis Capital Fund investments to date include Redefine Meat, Upside Foods, Perfect Day, Culture Biosciences, and Arkeon Biotechnologies.

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by Rosie Wardle, Co-Founder and Partner